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Following years of development and testing, the Drone Buoy is a rugged, state-of-the-art GPS buoy with two sizes for either radio controlled or full-sized sailboat racing.  "Anchoring" is achieved by station keeping to the desired GPS location.  

Drone Buoys are controlled by an App on your phone using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).  Pick the buoy you want to control, command it's autopilot to move along desired headings, then touch the anchor button.  Or use stored waypoints and command the buoy to a waypoint.  Course rotations, elongations and timed return-to-home functions are now available.  BLE has greater connectivity range than standard Bluetooth with excellent properties over water.  Any Bluetooth equipped phone or tablet can control all buoys.  There is also the option to plug in two servo cables from a radio control receiver for control over a much greater range.
Drone Buoys are rugged, built with 1/4-inch-thick ABS plastic, and can handle all weather, wave and immersion conditions with their highly stable weighted-pole design.  A circular-disk motor guard keeps keels from getting hooked and protects the motors.  Choose either the 32" length for radio control racing or the 48" length for full-size applications.

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